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GentleSharp adds directed, low-frequency, backward and forward motion to the needle as it is inserted. The resulting micro-vibrations help the needle puncture and glide through tissue more smoothly with less resistance. Since less force is applied to the tissue during needle puncture, the subject experiences less stress from the blood sampling procedure.

GentleSharp is designed for venipuncture and arterial puncture of superficial blood vessels, with collection of blood via a capillary tube, dried blood spot card, or other disposable. Blood collected can be used for, but is not limited to:

  • Basic research: Animal health monitoring and diagnostics testing, genetic testing, bioanalysis
  • Drug/Therapeutic discovery and pre-clinical development: Pharmacology, non-GLP toxicology, bioavailability, pharmaceutical sciences
  • Safety assessment: GLP toxicology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, toxicokinetics, safety pharmacology

A version of GentleSharp that collects blood (e.g., into a syringe or vacuum tube) and enables injections to be performed is currently under development.

Key Benefits

  • Greater sampling success.
  • Greater blood volume.
  • Decreased needle insertions.
  • Improved collection success for novice collectors.
  • Lower and less variability of stress hormone level.

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How it Works

These two videos will give you a good idea of how the system works. Videos of actual usage in pre-clinical studies are available upon request.

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The Experts Say

We quickly saw that GentleSharp is a great tool for teaching and improving new technician’s skills in bleeding procedures.

Very smooth. The 25G needle went in on the first poke, saved time and reduced animal handling compared to the standard needle.

It was awesome! The vibration helped me get more blood than with a straight stick.

I was extremely pleased with the ease and the efficacy of the equipment.  We were able to get adequate size samples with an apparent decrease in stress to the animals.

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Research eBook

Review scientific studies supporting the benefits of GentleSharp.


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GentleSharp Needle Oscillation Paper

Learn about the science behind how GentleSharp’s backward and forward motion to the needle reduces stress response.



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GentleSharp and the 3 Rs

Learn about the science behind how GentleSharp addresses the 3Rs with respect to refinement and reduction.


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